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The accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a popular and affordable housing choice that adds livable space to your property. It’s becoming an increasingly common option as cities across the nation become more expensive, populated, and urbanized. They allow for increased room, without the price-tag of purchasing a brand new home. ADUs come in a plethora of options, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs.

Legally, ADUs are secondary houses or apartment spaces that share the property lot of a larger, primary house. Some common names for ADUs include: secondary dwelling unit, or in-law units. ADUs can be attached to a house, garage, or built as a separate unit (typically in a backyard). The idea of an ADU is not new, but in recent years, due to new zoning and planning laws, there has been an increasing demand for the extra livable space.


The majority of Americans build ADUs for family members or for extra rental income. Hence the other common names like guest house, or in-law unit. Additional Dwelling Units are innovative, affordable, and effective housing options. They are especially in demand in cities where housing is expensive and limited, such as Sherman Oaks. MDH Builders is at the forefront of constructing ADUs and educating the community on what it takes to build them. There are five types of ADU’s you should be familiar with:

Detached Conversion

Since our founding, we have been providing top quality commercial roofing services. With millions of feet of roofing installed, serviced, maintained and managed, our team of professionals here at MDH Builders has the experience you can count on to deliver the longest warranted roofing system for the lowest cost.

Attached Conversion

We install all types of shingle, tile, metal and flat roofing. Your residential project will be completed with professional job management standards, on-time and on-budget.

Internal Conversion

Internal ADUs are existing portions of homes that are converted into an extra living space. These are the least expensive ADU options, as little to no extra construction is required. A common internal ADU is a converted garage.

Basement Conversion

Existing space is converted into separate living space. Commonly called Junior ADUs, some can share amenities with the primary home.

2nd Floor Conversion

Transform an existing secondary structure. Building on top of a garage is an option in certain areas

Room Addition Or Garage Conversion

Due to our many years in the ADU construction business, we know that garage conversions and room additions are great ways to increase your home’s value and supply you with extra income. ADU conversions are cost efficient and less stressful than having to sell your property or buy a new home. Our ADU contractors in Sherman Oaks will keep your design requests in mind, and walk you through every step of the process. From planning to material selection to the finished product, MDH Builders will help you achieve a functional and budget-friendly ADU.

Our ADU contractors offer a wide range of design options for you to choose from. With years of experience, we promise a quick, easy and customized ADU conversion process. When you decide to go with MDH Builders, we will make sure to incorporate all the features you desire into your new living space. Whether you want your garage converted or a new guest house in the backyard, we will handle all approval legalities and blueprint designs.

All the ADU conversion contractors we employ make sure to account for every detail. Our precise attention to detail ensures that your ADU project will meet exact specifications.When you consult with a MDH ADU designer, you will work with experienced professionals. Our superior craftsmen have given our company an industry leading reputation—capable of handling any type of ADU conversion. Together, we will help you achieve the additional unit you have been dreaming of!

Sherman Oaks ADU Contractors You Can Trust

MDH Builders is a leading digital home services marketplace. We match homeowners with screened addition & remodeling professionals they can trust to successfully complete any type of Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) project.

For over a decade, Sherman Oaks homeowners have trusted us with providing them professional, quality, and affordable ADUs for their property. In order for us to connect you with the best ADU Conversions Sherman Oaks pro, our highly skilled customer service team will contact you to gather all your ADU conversion information and pay special attention to your design and amenity requests.

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