What is Re-Roofing?

Re-roofing involves overlaying new roof covering or shingles over your older existing ones. A residential re-roofing job is not completely ripping off your roof to put on a new one but only supporting or strengthening what you already have, instead of a full-on roof replacement. Re-roofing jobs does not require removal of the existing shingles, nor the underlayment layer that shields your home from water damage. Our re-roofing services do not involve much materials or labor; it is typically a much faster and cheaper option to a brand new roof.

Do you need residential re-roofing services?

When your shingle roof is damaged and you require a roof replacement, you can consider all options available to you and decide the one that’s best for your home. Most of the time, your roof might only have minor damages and a simple re-roofing is all you need! Here at MDH Roofers, we consider the needs of our clients very seriously and we are dedicated to making sure your residential re-roofing project goes as well as possible. Residential roofs have steep slopes and diverse styles; our re-roofing services are customized to each client’s roof’s needs. We ensure that you and your family are comfortable and happy with your roof as we always provide the best quality possible.

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