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How To Save Money With a Multi-Licensed Contractor

Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel, bathroom makeover, or a complete renovation project, it’s essential to surround yourself with experts. While calling in different contractors for different jobs may seem the right thing to do, having multiple teams coming and going can get frustrating and prove taxing on your budget.

By using a single multi-licensed contractor, you not only take a lot of the hassle out of your building project, but you can also save a lot of money.

What Is a Multi-Licensed Contractor?

While a handyperson can do some jobs, significant projects will require the oversight of a contractor with a B General Building license.

A general contractor of type B is a trained professional licensed by the state to conduct large-scale projects on residential and commercial properties. These contractors are licensed to build a house from scratch, perform remodels and structurally change buildings.

General contractors of type C are trained to conduct specialized jobs, including:
● C10 Electrical
● C36 Plumbing
● C33 Painting and decorating

A multi-licensed general contractor is simply an individual or team of individuals who hold a multitude of these licenses. By using a team with multiple licenses, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and stay well within your budget.

Below we will look at some of the reasons why using multi-licensed contractors is the best choice for your project and ends up saving you money.

How To Save Money With a Multi-Licensed Contractor

You Won’t Have to Hire Additional Contractors

Imagine the scenario: you’ve decided to renovate your new home. It’s a fixer-upper if ever there was one, and it needs a lot of work done. You’re going to need a plumbing rework, the electrics seem to have been installed by Thomas Edison himself, and you’ve decided you want to totally relocate the bathroom. After you’ve crunched the numbers and figured out your budget, you’re ready to get started. It’s here that you have two options.

The first option involves the traditional approach of calling in a general contractor, starting the project, and then getting different contractors to come and do specific jobs as and when they arise.

The second option is to simply call a multi-licensed general contractor whose team will handle everything from start to finish.

By using a contractor with multiple licenses, you will end up saving money. Instead of having to call in specifically licensed contractors, as and when necessary, they are already on-site, ready to go; no additional call-out charges or provisional quotes, the team will already be familiar with your project and be able to get on with the job.

More Streamlined Building Process

A team of expert contractors with multiple licenses will also be able to save you money by intimately getting to know your renovation project. They will exercise just-in-time practices to prevent material waste and plan accordingly, an effective cost-saving measure.

By getting a multi-licensed contractor on board early, they will also be able to make recommendations on your project and advise you on any budget-friendly measures you could take.

A general contractor that is familiar with your project will understand exactly what you want and know how best to use their team’s licenses to undertake the task.

You will also avoid the nightmare of waiting on multiple contractors, attempting to coordinate their various schedules, and trying to estimate when contractor 1 has finished job A so contractor 2 can start job B. Multi-licensed contractors take this budget-exhausting guesswork away.

How To Save Money With a Multi-Licensed Contractor

Experienced Teams Finish Jobs Sooner

Perhaps the most significant way a multi-licensed general contractor will save you money is because they simply get jobs done quicker. There are numerous tales of projects that took months longer than they should all because the right people were not where they needed to be at the right time. This sort of overrun can cause unforeseen expenses through not being able to use the property sooner.

Without sacrificing quality or workmanship, contractors with multiple licenses are not held back waiting for the plumber, electrician, or even the decorator as they are state-licensed to perform the tasks themselves.

Importantly, a job that is completed sooner is a job that costs less money. An experienced multi-licensed team of contractors will know how long a project will take and accurately quote you.

When not using multi-licensed contractors, costly delays occur where a project cannot continue until a tradesperson with a specific license appears, or miscommunication leads to over-purchasing. This is when projects overrun, and additional costs begin to accrue.

You Will Avoid Mistakes

The biggest mistake renovators can make is to assume different contractors are all on the same page. Unfortunately, this assumption almost always ends up costing renovators money.

While a painter and decorator may be under the impression that the electrical wiring will be sorted on Saturday, the electrician may have other ideas. This kind of mix-up can land you with a painter and decorator who can’t start but still expect some form of compensation for their wasted time.

Problems like this are typical of a project that uses different contractors where the left-hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

By using a contractor with multiple licenses, you have better general oversight of a project which means mistakes like this are avoided.

You won’t need to rebook specifically licensed contractors as the team would already be aware of the project’s timescale and be able to adjust accordingly and do jobs themselves.

You also won’t be caught out with permit and licensing issues. Instead, you will be made aware of the permits and licenses required for your particular project and what is (and isn’t) possible. This can end up saving you money on legal fees if work is carried out incorrectly or illegally.

Therefore, it is vital to use a multi-licensed contractor that will always ensure due diligence is undertaken to keep you and your project on the right side of the law.

How To Save Money With a Multi-Licensed Contractor


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