Residential New Roof Installation

With every roofing project we take on, we make sure to provide homeowners with a safe, secure and long lasting roof. We offer an extensive array of roofs to choose from; including composition asphalt, wood shake, concrete tile, slate and rubber roofing systems. Contact our residential roof installers to know the about the various roofing types MDH Roofers has to offer.

Types of Roofing with MDH Roofers

Los Angeles roof replacement require some particular roofing to withstand extreme weather all year round. At MDH Roofers, we offer different types of roofing that are created just for the Los Angeles climate:

Shingle: We provide the strongest and most flexible shingle roofing. We offer the following types of shingle roofing: Three-Tab, Architectural, and Slate. This type of residential roof installation is highly recommended for Los Angeles homes because of its quick repair process and fire-resistant qualities.

Tile: Tile roofing is durable and able to withstand many different types of weather throughout the year. We offer two different types of tile roofing: Clay and Concrete. When you want to invest in a roof that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and durable, consider installing a new tile roof with us.

Flat: Flat roofing is quite a popular Los Angeles roof replacement option because snow is extremely rare. The different types of flat roofing services we offer: Metal, Membrane (Single-Ply and EPDM), Build-Up Roofing (BUR), and Modified Bitumen (MBR). Flat roofing is also quite profitable due to its longevity and inexpensive.