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5 Tips for First-Time Home Renovators

After making it through the process of buying a home and bagging yourself a renovation project, it’s time to figure out what comes next. Renovating a home is a big challenge, but by following these tips and hiring yourself a multi-license contractor, the whole process will go smoother.

1. Be Realistic

While browsing Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration is a great way to come up with ideas for your renovation project, it’s important to understand what is and isn’t possible. Whether it be your budget, your timeline, or your home’s layout, some things are just not possible.

Keeping your ideas focused and realistic is vital to keeping your project on time and – importantly – within budget.

2. Set Yourself a Budget

Figuring out a realistic budget is vital to renovation success. One of the biggest mistakes first-time renovators make is to underestimate the cost of projects. Within any project, there are always unforeseen issues that end up costing time and stretching your budget to its limit.

By setting yourself a detailed, realistic budget with a 10-20% contingency fund, you remove a lot of the stress involved in home renovation. Research costs in your area and compromise where necessary.

Of course, you need to stick to the budget too. While the finishing touches are important, spending money on these things should always come after important structural and interior work is done.

5 Tips for First-Time Home Renovators

3. Use a Trustworthy Multi-License Contractor

The best tip of all is to find yourself a trustworthy multi-licensed contractor. By using a B general building contractor with multiple licenses, you make the entire home renovation project go much smoother.

A professional multi-licensed contractor will save you time too, allowing a team to get to understand your project better and meet your deadlines better.

Surrounding yourself with an expert team is also the best way to avoid the headache of scheduling various jobs. Waiting for one job to finish so another contractor can start can be difficult to arrange and prove more costly.

4. Maximize Your Property’s Potential

When renovating your property, ask yourself what your goals are. Whether you’re looking to create your dream home or flip the property for a tidy profit, your renovation plans should keep this in mind.

For those looking to create a forever home, spending a little extra time highlighting unusual and quirky features really bring rooms to life. Look out for features like detailed moldings, fireplaces, and beautiful brickwork hidden behind layers of paint.

And if you’re intention is to sell the property, ensure your budget accommodates a fresh kitchen and bathroom. Both of these are the big-ticket items that sell homes.

5 Tips for First-Time Home Renovators

5. Be Aware of Any Local Building Regulations

By keeping in touch with your local authorities through your renovation project, you will be prepared for any eventuality.

Each area will have its own building regulations and require specific permits. This is where a professional multi-license contractor comes in handy. They can advise you on what can and can’t be done and how to go about obtaining permission.

A trustworthy contractor will possibly save you money too, helping you to avoid hefty fines for improper building work.

By following these tips and using professional contractors, your renovation project will be completed in no time. For those after a 5-star Los Angeles general contractor, give MDH Builders a call. With our multiple licenses, including C10 electrical, C36 plumbing, and C33 painting and decorating, our expert team will ensure your project is a complete success.

5 Tips for First-Time Home Renovators


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