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Hiring A Multi License Contractor

Setting A Home Renovation Budget

General Contractors with Multiple Licenses Make Building Easy

Your next design and build can be smooth and seamless when you use a GC that holds license in multiple trades.

Getting a house built from the ground up is a complicated affair. From design to code compliance to construction, the complexity can be both expensive and time consuming.

One of the most difficult aspects of completing a home build or remodel is interacting with the many trades involved in the process. Every plumber, roofer, painter, and electrician requires meetings, quotes and schedule arrangements.

Hiring a general contractor who is licensed in all the major trades (contracting, plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting) solves most of those problems.

Hiring A Multi License Contractor

Here are four areas where a well-rounded, full-stack contractor excels.

  1. Speed. When one contractor acts as a full-service shop, homes go up quickly and remodels are completed promptly. In fact, the efficiencies of having every trade under one roof can often result in projects being completed months ahead of schedule. https://www.mdhbuilders.com/portfolio/tarzana/

Once the home is framed in, you eliminate the experience of waiting a week for the electrician to show. Electricians and plumbers will overlap expeditiously. Roofing and painting can be scheduled to happen the day after the sheathing and siding are installed.

  1. Communication. In short, there is one person to call when you want to make changes. There is one person to call when you have a question. There is one schedule to monitor, rather than five.

A general contractor who hires out to subcontractors can act as a single point of contact. However, this usually initiates a cascade of more calls and meetings with their subs. In turn, these subcontractors will need to meet and work out schedules with their workers and send the message back up the chain.

Hiring A Multi License ContractorWith all the back-and-forth messaging, crucial details can be lost. Paint colors can be misinterpreted. Electrical outlet placement can be inaccurate, requiring reinstallation, patching, and repainting.  Small errors grow into bigger problems pretty quickly.

One GC with all the trades in-house is your best bet to avoid those miscommunications.

  1. Money. A good general contractor can allocate his workers and resources in a much more efficient manner. When one team is doing the framing and the electrical, they can utilize space and not waste expensive hours stepping around each other. Equipment and supplies can be purchased at a cheaper rate as well.
  2. Labor. With labor in short supply, a full-service contractor will come fully staffed in all the trades. Your project won’t be delayed because the roofer is busy on another project and can’t find workers to get started on yours.

When a fully staffed GC commits to a project, they are committing to have all the labor they need to complete it without chasing after subs.

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